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When we met, the heat was rising over a stock pot of bouillabaisse at the Epicurious Culinary School. An aspiring weekend chef, the handsome Mr. Porter had titillated me in more ways than one, so it was no surprise that sparks flew. And, apparently, they weren’t coming from his namesake gas cooktop.

During class he’d taken off his jacket, rolled up the sleeves of this cuff-linked shirt and sauntered over as I opened the steam oven door. In a husky voice, he whispered, “forget the menu, I’ll have what she is having.” Soufflé Chocolat for two!

How could I resist his gourmet charm? Later, he’d describe me as the kind of woman who looks good in a high-end kitchen caressing a chilled glass of Veuve and wearing nothing but a pearl necklace.

Wonder how Mr. Porter likes his eggs? Over easy?!

It was the start of a perfect private label pairing. My cool Liebherr fridge met his sleek Porter and Charles kitchen and laundry appliances and it was an energy efficient match made in heaven. Stainless. European. Compact. Efficient. Affordable and Gorgeous… just like the two of us.

Learning to cook with our Porter and Charles appliances was the beginning of a great culinary adventure.


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